Newsletter: Learn to Ski/Snowboard SPECIAL - Thursday, 20 September 2012

If you take and finish a course of 6 lessons on THE SKI DECK before 15 November you get a seventh lesson on THE POWER CARVER for FREE. Worth R420. FREE use of the 20m static slope (if available) for 20 minutes before or after your lesson.
What makes learning on THE SKI DECK so special?
* Ski for at least 30 000m in a course. * We have been in business for 30 years and have taught thousands of South Africans how to ski. * Don't be a survival skier. Learn the basics well and thereafter you will have the technique to ski bigger and steeper slopes. * After a course you will ski the slopes on the second day that would have taken you a week to master. * We have the amazing POWER CARVER to improve your carving technique and to get you ski fit.
That is nearly 9 hours of skiing for ONLY R2100. Please phone the office on 011 7816528 to book or receive more information.
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