Newsletter: New Party Venue at The Ski Deck - Tuesday, 12 March 2013

We have just build a GAINT 40 m bum boarding slope on the adjacent property (80 Bond) and the first parties held here proofed that it is going to be a favourite. This slope is set in a big beautiful garden where you can relax while the young ones are having the time of their lives.
We also have a 4m high waterslide into the swimming pool. Kids love water and this venue is a firm favourite.
80 Bond has a big garden with a lapa that has a fridge/freezer, microwave and kettle. There are plenty of tables and chairs where the adults can relax. We have kept the same format as at the 74 Bond Street venue, where you bring your own eats and drinks and that way save a lot of money on your party but also make your party different from other parties. If you prefer to let someone else do the catering for you, then we can put you in contact with caterers that will not disappoint you.
Your party is exclusive so you are really getting a bargain. Our prices are for 2 hour parties for up to 20 kids. Call us if you want to extend your party or bring more kids and we can quote you.
GAINT Slope Bum boarding Parties (80 Bond) - R1700 on weekdays and Saturdays.
Water Slide Parties (80 Bond) - R1700 on weekdays and Saturdays.
Combine these two parties and only pay R2550 for ANYTHING that SLIDES parties.
R200 surcharge on Sundays and public holidays.
We still have our bum boarding party venue at 74 Bond Street for the younger ones and it is still a firm favourite.
The party time slots are:
9:30  11:30; 12  2; 2:30  4:30
Look at the gallery of images under Giant Slope Category on

SPECIAL on ski lessons 6x1 hours only R2450

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