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Learning to ski in South Africa is essential to the enjoyment of a ski holiday eliminating the discomfort of learning in the resort and spending the first week on the beginner`s slopes. Rather be exploring the slopes, skiing from restaurant to restaurant, and getting full value out of your ski lift pass from day one! Experienced skiers use The Ski Deck® year after year to improve their skiing ability and to get in shape before hitting the slopes. THE SKI DECK® incorporating THE SKY TEC® POWER CARVER is the foremost ski teaching system in the world. You are guaranteed a minimum of 30 kilometres of skiing or boarding on a course and with professional instruction you will soon be able to perform basic or advanced manoeuvres easily and confidently. HOW DOES THE SKI DECK WORK? Just as golfers use driving ranges, tennis players make use of automatic serving machines and skaters practice on plastic surfaces, skiers learn on artificial surfaces too. Repetition of the movements is the key to skiing success! We have two rotating surfaces that provide an excellent way to get the feel of skiing, snd steel bars are placed to assist beginners - great to build so you can progress to the more advance manoeuvers. The steel bars are also invaluable if you are learning how to snowboard. THE SKY TEC POWER CARVER Just imagine that you are skiing in a sports club and you feel the same as if you are on a ski slope - you can choose different characteristics of the slope: flat or steep, with or without bumps. You can even try some fun skiing down a real slalom or giant slalom racing course! Pre-season physical fitness training while you are mastering modern carving techniques? What a pleasure! Incredible? Fantastic? Then come and try The Power Carver®.


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