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Contrary to popular belief ski clothing cannot easily be rented in the resorts. So from the start you are best advised to consider purchasing your own ski outfit. Due to the fact that most ski shops in ski resorts operate only for a few months during winter, they are "boutique shops" and tend to stock only the more expensive and more exclusive lines of ski wear and equipment. Should you be unable to get to our The Ski and Snowboard Shop, the next best bet is the large cities in Europe - London, Munich, Zurich and Geneva but allow yourself at least a full day if not two days to get around the cities and do your winter shopping.

Ski wear is mostly made of synthetic fabrics custom-made for the purpose of allowing ease of movement, insulating you from the cold and being water repellent, whilst allowing your body to breathe at the same time. 

With new developments, modern insulation fabrics are as warm if not warmer and have all but replaced more expensive natural fillings such as down. You will want to wear your Ski Jacket suit everyday of your ski holiday, so it should be able to keep you warm and dry while withstanding some harsh treatment. If one shops carefully one will be able to purchase items such as ski jackets, underwear, ski socks, ski boots etc. that can be worn at other times, either during European winters or even in South African winters. Thus one's investment in ski clothing is not lost at the end of the ski holiday.

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  1.   SAVE TIME:

Don't spend the first few days of your holiday shopping. We have an enormous range of ski wear and accessories, greater in fact than most ski shops at the resorts. You arrive kitted out in the current gear ready to ski from the first day.


We speak English! Don't be under pressure trying to find ski clothing. Relax! Dad can sit and watch the ski lessons while Mum tries everything in the shop!


Our staff are skiers themselves with years of experience in ski wear field. The advice and assistance on correct ski clothing is invaluable.


We import well known ski brands such as Trespass Ski & Snowboard Clothing; Brugi of Italy and Olang Snow Boots By IMPORTING from large ski clothing manufacturers we are assured of a large range of products and the latest fashions. All clothing is highly breathable and waterproof and made specifically for skiing. So shop where the skiers in the know how shop and wear what the skiers wear. Because our range is so diverse we do not catalogue or sell online.


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